So, We Meet Again..

Well, hello WordPresss.

Not sure if you remember me but we did have a friendship at one point. Actually, our relationship spanned a couple years and then gradually went off and on. We were starting to distance ourselves a little. I was going through life and felt little to no motivation to keep in contact. You just kind of sat there readily available but I got more involved with… Other things that weren’t you.

I kind of feel like we needed that break though. It’s been well over a year since we communicated but it’s cool how you’re still around and open to mending what we had. I know at the moment we’re kind of feeling like social acquaintances where we’ll see each other around and say hi. Or like we were best friends at one stage but ventured on different paths. But look at us, back together again!

We’ll take it slow though. I mean, I don’t want what happened to us before happen again. I’d like to keep in contact and tell you about my life every so often. I don’t want to go in strong and say I’ll check in every day because let’s face it, life ain’t that exciting sometimes but I’ll bring that bar to AT LEAST once a week. I hope you’re happy with that expectation (and I hope I can meet something so minimal).

Let me leave it there for the time being. I don’t want you to be empty so I figured I needed to give you a quick “hi” to start off the mending process.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back!



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