Life’s Little Mysteries 

This morning I took the train into work like any other day. There was nothing really special about this morning to make it different from any other. Although I will admit that it went a lot smoother than it usually does. I actually managed to catch my bus to the station without rushing out the door.

The train carriage was fairly empty. And when I say empty I mean I was able to breathe and wasn’t packed like a sardine. Thankfully I’m small but I’m also short. So in times like that I become very nervous of elbows. But today I was able to stand there and not touch anyone which was a nice way to start the day.

We got to one of the stations and a bunch of fresh meat climbed on board city bound. As I’m standing there listening to music and browsing the net this scent trickled into my nostrils and made my head pop up. It was a smell I was familiar with but I could figure out if actually enjoyed it.

I looked around a couple times. If my nose could squint I’d say that’s exactly what it was doing. I managed to pinpoint the location. It was the young tall guy standing next to me. I must have been staring at him cause he kept looking down at me to catch me sniffing and scrunching my face up.

Then it hit! I know that smell! I know what it was!

Hotdogs. I swear that’s exactly what it was. The guy smelled like hotdogs. The smell itself isn’t offensive…. If you’re cooking them. It’s like parmesan cheese or dim sims. Fine if you’re eating it but if it’s attached to a body it’s pretty repulsive. As gross as it was it confused my mind and clearly my stomach because I couldn’t tell if I was put off or suddenly hungry. I turned out to be a mixture of both. I wanted to eat yet I wanted to run away.

This brings up the question, what does one have to do to smell like a hot dog?
Eat hot dogs?
Have a bath in the water?
Literally slap ones face with many, many, MANY hot dogs??
Walk around with hot dogs stuffed in every pocket?

I have no idea. All I know is I never want to smell like hotdogs….

He may as well have looked like this

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