You Want To Make That A Jumbo?

After a bullshit week at work and being rather riled up about stuff I thought Friday night was going to be my night. This weekend concludes 4 months of living alone and having to hold the fort down while the fiance lived in another state to work on a project he and his brother have been doing for over a year. But next week he will be moving back down and starting a new job. So I’ll finally be chill in the money department but this will be my last week alone and to be honest I’ve loved being by myself.

I wanted to make this weekend memorable. Well, I guess the sort of memorable which doesn’t involve going out and just has me relaxing. My plan was this: drink, watch YouTube, play Sims, eat chicken wings and……order a Jumbo pepperoni pizza. And I did.

The box itself filled my table and I could barely lift it with one hand. When I got it into the house I spent about 5 minutes staring at it and laughing. “What the hell did I do?”. Of course I had to send a couple snapchats to a people who seemed pretty amazed by my decision. I think I only really bought it for the box. I wanted to see how big it was.

So I started on my pizza challenge while eating my chicken wings. Did I mention I also bought a large chips and gravy?? Don’t judge!! They have really good chips okay!! And I like having options when I eat.

A sea of pizza


At the end of all this eating I started to feel full. I knew I couldn’t eat anymore. I didn’t even make it through half the pizza or chicken wings. But I ate all the chips. My body started to shut down on me. I started to feel dizzy and couldn’t walk very well. I was shuffling around my house like an old confused lady. I was so full I think I found out what a food coma was. I went to my bedroom and decided to lay down for a second. 4 hours later I woke up to my dogs banging at the door to let them in.

This pizza put me to sleep at like 9:30pm! What the hell?? Did they shove sleeping pills into my food? It sure felt like it. I was out like a lamp. But I do have to admit though, the pizza was bloody good. Because it doesn’t fit directly in my fridge I’ve had to dismantle it. Looks like I’ll be living off of that the next couple days.

So that was my “exciting” Friday night. Not as exciting as it should have been. I kind of feel like I lost a day by going to sleep early. I’m rather disappointed in myself.

As much as I could eat and of course a hand comparison




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