The “Party’s” Over

The fiancé arrived back at home just after 1am last night. I intended to go to bed earlier but he asked me to try and stay awake long enough for him to say hi.

I was just about to go to sleep when he walked in the door. The boys were excited (my 2 dogs Ollie & Vader). I made it a thing to ask them during the night:

“Where’s your dad?? You excited you’re going to see your dad? Where is he?”

They’d both would stop what they were doing (sleeping), poke their heads up and start doing the head tilt. It looked like they’re heads were going to fly off their body.

Ollie: white. Vader: black.

Vader was a little more excited to see Daniel than Ollie but that was to be expected. Vader is the one that’s pretty excitable plus he loves following Daniel around. Ollie on the other hand, he likes him but he likes me more. He was happy but once he got over it he perched himself up on the couch and just stared at him. One thing Ollie does is he watches Daniel to see what he’s doing with me. He gets a little jealous. Not to the point of attack or growling but if Daniel sits next to me on the couch Ollie will come right between us. If Daniel tries to kiss me, Ollie will jump at his face. Not to bite but just to push him back. As I said though, he’s not aggressive but he makes sure that if we’re together he’s involved  whether it be sitting between us or sitting directly on my lap. I always say:

“I think he thinks we’re dating”

I didn’t get to bed till almost 3am and of course had to be up at 6am. That didn’t happen. I instead got up at 7am and was 10 minutes late for work. No big deal.

One thing I did before I left the house which I regretted right away was weigh myself. I’ve been feeling much girthier lately and I haven’t jumped on the scale for a couple weeks. I don’t know what possessed me to do it but I ended up looking at the scale and then proceeded to provide myself excuses as to why I went up 3kg (6.6lbs).

For starters I wasn’t completely naked which is how I always weigh myself and the biggest excuse…. PERIOD TIME!! And that’s a legit excuse. It’s a scientific FACT that you gain weight when you’re about to period! So, now I’m just hanging on to the hope that once this bastard starts up, that weight will just drop off and I’ll go back to normal. De-bloated and I guess less.. bloated…

So that’s been playing on my mind and I’ve been making conscious decisions today to watch what I ate. I mean, it has to start somewhere right? What better time then when I’m broke and can’t eat anyway?

Well, that’s been my day. Not that interesting but I will  say… I’m fucking hungry.



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