Whatta Crazy Saturday Night

I woke up with the biggest headache today and actually managed to sleep in past my regular sleeping time. Last couple months a sleep in to me is 10 or 10:30am but today I woke up at a quarter to 1. My sleep was interrupted by someone calling me. Still don’t know who it was but they wouldn’t stop which leads me to believe it was my mom. She always has her number on private but I tell her every time, if you’re going to call and I don’t pick up message me so I know it’s you and I’ll call back! She always complains that I never pick up her calls. But she calls on a PRIVATE NUMBER!! How am I to know it’s her??

I’ll blame this headache on getting the “woman problem” this morning or the phone ringing while I was sleeping. If I get woken up by an ongoing sound I usually wake up in a shitty mood and with a migraine.

It took literally all day for my headache to subside. It’s currently 11:13pm and I’ve only just been free of it. I have no idea what brought this on.

I spent the rest of the day watching YouTube clips, eating cashews and playing Sims 4. Now I’m currently drinking wine and this disgusting energy alcohol drink (still playing Sims).

As you can read this is my Saturday night. Living it up as an adult.



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