Tia The Magnificent and The Missing Credit Card

Some people have an idea of what they want to be when they grow up. Others are adamant on a profession and are lucky enough to make that dream a reality and more than likely prove to everyone that they were serious all along. Then you have the people, like me, who were born to be something and it all just happens naturally. For myself, I’m a magician. I only have one trick though. I can make things disappear. I’ll tell you how I do it.

  1. I pick something up or I get something handed to me.
  2. I look at it, acknowledge it, maybe even talk about it for a second.
  3. I put it down somewhere. Sometimes it’s on the table. Other times it’s just placed on the nearest surface.
  4. I walk away
  5. It’s gone!

It’s really as easy as that. It just happens naturally. Sometimes I think the object I’m holding disappears directly from my hands. My latest disappearing act involved a credit card. Not my own. My fiancés. The same credit card I’m supposed to be using to pay for my $1500 half tooth extraction in three days. I couldn’t have made it vanish at a more perfect time.

He left me the credit card to use in case of an emergency when he was away. This was just another thing that was added to my list of stuff I didn’t want to lose. On the list I had my house keys (which is why I had two sets available on me at all times) and my bank card. Two VERY important things for living. My biggest fear was locking myself out of the house. And in the four months alone I’m proud to announce that has NEVER happened. That is basically a lifetime achievement .

When Daniel got back last week I proudly boasted to him (all the while thinking “I have to give it back to him”) that I in fact STILL had the card much to his surprise. But then I made the mistake of following up this moment by saying “But there’s still time!!”.

With my impending tooth removal fast approaching I was going through payment in my head the other night and I vaguely thought to myself “Where’s the card?”. I replied to the voice in my head “It’s alright. It’s in my bag. I’ll check tomorrow”. In my head I knew exactly where it was. Usually that voice would make me get out of bed to confirm just to shut it up but I was confident enough to keep laying there and go to sleep.

The next morning before leaving I checked my dresser and my jewelry box just to see if I shoved it in there. Nope, wasn’t in there so I figured it was right where I thought it was, in my bag. While on the way to the station I checked the middle zip (which is where I pictured it) and found nothing. Daniel must have seen my face change cause he started asking me what was wrong and all I could do was shake my head.

“Nothing. Nothing’s wrong”.
“No really, what’s wrong?” he kept asking.
“Nothing’s wrong. It’s fine”.
“C’mon. Talk to me. What’s up?”. 

I couldn’t make eye contact with him and just stared straight ahead.

“Did I happen to give you back your credit card?”.
“No. You lost it didn’t you?”.
“I wouldn’t use the word lost. I’d prefer misplaced. I’m not going to assume anything right now and I’m just going to pretend it’s at home”.
“You had to say “There’s still time” didn’t you? Why did you say that? How do you lose things? They should call you Tia the Magnificent. Not because you’re magnificent but because you’re a magician. You don’t look like one but you make things disappear!”

Then I did the only thing I could do.

“It’s kinda your fault! I mean, I had it until I saw you and you made me think about it and that’s when I lost it!”
“Your logic makes no sense”.
“Oh, it makes complete sense to me, buddy”.

In fact, it didn’t.

I spent the whole 20 minute train trip looking worried. Daniel actually surprised me and kept telling me not to worry and even laughed at me freaking out inside my own head. I did what I usually do when I’m stressed and messaged one of my friends to basically tell her exactly what happened.. pretty much like I’m writing this now to put her in the scene. She usually says the exact same thing as Daniel as well but I guess when you have two people trying to calm you down it works better than one.

The anaesthetist person called me during my lunchbreak asking for a payment as well. That kind of stressed me out. Especially when they said they needed a payment by 3pm the following day. It was then I properly realized that if I didn’t’ find this card than I wouldn’t be able to get the tooth removed. Then that kinda made me feel relieved. Yes, how could I get a tooth removed when I can’t pay for it? That means it won’t be able to happen. That’s not that bad, right? Is it my fault the card is missing? Well, yeah but no one needs to know that (besides the people who already know).

After spending the whole day picturing in my head where this could be I finally got home and was too scared to start searching. I casually looked around the kitchen in an attempt to not bring too much attention to what I was actually doing. I didn’t want Daniel to see then question me. I already planned to try and play it cool even though I was freaking out. The couple places I looked were cardless. Then I remembered. I had a hint earlier in the day.
I went and grabbed a cigarette from my bag while at work and found some hand sanitizer. This sanitizer was from another bag I recently took out. This was the hint. Normally I would use the bag I took to work but this proved that there was a time where I obviously removed stuff from one bag and placed it possibly in another bag and shoved whatever stuff I thought I needed at the time into another bag. HINT!

I rummaged through the bag I had in mind and saw the side zipper was closed. I quickly unzipped the pocket and there it was! I breathed a huge sigh of relief and stood there staring at it. I really got scared for a moment. And I mean, real scared. I actually thought this time I lost it for good.

I went up to Daniel with the card raised up in the air triumphantly displaying my accomplished goal. I found it! He then reached out his hand to gesture the card.

“I’ll have that. And you’re never getting this again” he said.
“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!?? I need that for tomorrow!”
“Okay, well after tomorrow you’re never getting it”.
“But I need to take it to pay for my dentist on Friday”.
“Okay, well, after that”.

This concludes the story of Tia The Magnificent and The Missing Credit Card.

I’m not American but if they asked me to participate for the country I would

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