The Last 4 Days


The day before my tooth came out we got sad news about Daniels moms little Boston Terrier, Dexter. She came home from work Thursday afternoon and found the poor thing having a seizure. They don’t know how long he was in that state for but she rushed him to the vet and hours later they couldn’t get him out of it. No doubt he would have had brain damage so they had to make the hard decision and put him to sleep. He wan’t even 3 years old and are unsure why this happened. Everyone is still very shaken up. I think it’s going to be awhile before the family come to terms with this. What makes it worse is it will never be known why or how this happened. Daniel’s mom works for a priest or reverend (I can’t remember) but he offered to do a service for Dexter. I’m not religious but I thought that was very kind and sweet. Made me cry.

Forever our little buddy, Dexter ❤


2 days ago I finally got my back bottom molar taken care of. It’s out! And it’s actually pretty good. I was so nervous going in and cried tears even while sitting in the chair. But it actually wasn’t that bad at all. My friend Allie took me and we got there before it opened at 8am. I got into the theater at about 8:30am. The anesthetist was real good and tried to calm me down. Once he poked the needle in my hand though I literally remember the sting then nothing else. I’d say I was out within 3 seconds. Next thing I know I’m sitting in a recovery room in a chair and I had no idea how I got there. I was only in the recovery room for about 10 minutes before I told them I felt fine and wanted to leave. They checked me out and then let me go. I felt perfectly fine. I can’t believe how normal I felt after it besides having half my face being numb.

My first time having a band around my wrist

Lucky I wasn’t all out of it afterwards because I remembered to check my bag for my house keys and forgot to bring them so we had to go to Daniels work and pick it up in the city. I stuck a wad of gauze bandage in my mouth for the day but was right back to normal eating and drinking. After picking up the keys we even went out for lunch so I really had no issues at all.

Nothing can stop me from eating dumplings


Later on the night we drank. Still no problems. The numbness wore off though and I really felt the ache in my jaw. But it’s  been 2 days and it’s been fine. Although  I still have the ache in my jaw. I’ve been taking some painkillers but not much. I’m just making sure that I’m washing my mouth out after eating or especially smoking. The hole in the back of my mouth will take some time to get use to though. I’m just really surprised at how normal I was right off the bat. And I’ve really been pondering over the fact that this little needle knocked me out so damn quick. That scares me. Can’t believe how strongly that worked but I guess it has too. I’ve never been knocked out for any reason so yeah… that’s why it’s surprising.

Right after the extractions. Sorry if you see this and you’re squeamish. 
Bruise on my hand with the tiniest needle ever


I just got back from IKEA about an hour ago. Daniel and I went to go have a look around and to get a $1 hot dog. He picked up a big frame so we can print off pictures that we have of Dexter and send it as a gift for his mom.

Making a cheap hot dog look cute. Beside it is chicken meatballs. I was hoping they were horse. 

Currently Daniels mad at me though. So he’s in his room and I’m in the living room. He went to buy clothes and I wasn’t that interested. I don’t do well with being asked a bunch of questions about clothes that I’m not going to wear. Which one should I get? Does this look okay? What size should I get? Would this look okay? I just didn’t really care. I answered a few times then I just said “yeah, yeah, yeah”. So yeah. I explained why I was getting annoyed but that just made him more annoyed. So we’re at this point right now. Looks like we’re having no dinner today and if I need him to do something like take the garbage out or clean the litter it will be asked through text. Sucks cause it’s his birthday tomorrow so I’m going to have to suck it up and apologize sometime soon so tomorrow isn’t full of tension.

Looking more like Bunnings

And that’s been my last 4 days. It’s been a little crazy.


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