Just Realized It’s Thursday

I’ve had the whole week off work, actually it’s a week today and by the time I go back it will  be a week and a half (keeping it technical).

My week so far obviously hasn’t been worth writing about but let me give a run down of the activities I’ve been participating in:

  • Sleeping
  • Catching up on all the Jeremy Kyle’s I’ve missed
  • Playing Sims
  • Watching documentaries on YouTube
  • Drinking lots of coffee
  • Planning things in my head

And that’s about it.

The problem with having this much time off work is you go into it with all these plans and things you want to accomplish but the way things usually work out for me is I accomplish nothing. The amount of coffee I’ve been drinking is pretty insane though.

I think my dogs have become more attached to me in this time though. Don’t know if it’s a good thing or not considering they were already attached to my hip. I can’t go to the toilet by myself or even sit down. I always need to have one or both of the dogs on top of me. Oh yeah and the cat. Amity won’t leave me alone either. I have to beg Daniel to take the little guys away from me for a minute so I can have a breather.

I guess I shouldn’t complain though. They’re cute.

But yeah.

I’ll leave this updated pic of the bruise on my hand right here.

I think the virus is spreading




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