You Can Call Me the Frozen Food Queen

The last 3 days I have been on a frozen food binge. Yes, I know. Blah blah blah they’re bad, they’re full of whatever. But trust me when I say that eating a frozen meal every night for a couple weeks can’t be as bad as what I probably eat in a week anyway. The way I see it  is I’m actually doing myself a favour. It’s also given me a chance to try things I probably would never eat let alone make. In saying that it’s also a good encouragement to not only try something I would actually go out of my way and eat but if I enjoyed (even frozen) it would give me motivation to make it myself. So yeah, I clearly see some be fits in this especially coming from my sort of dietary background. But back to the meals. 

I’ve been enjoying them so much and so surprised at how good they’ve been. I can’t even remember the last time I had a frozen meal. But I found me getting home at 7pm and eating at 9pm wasn’t working. So that’s where it began… And I’ve enjoyed this so much I need to write about it. So don’t be surprised if there are a few reviews on here in regards to these meals. Anyways here we go:

Mango Coconut Chicken – Weightwatchers

This kind of meal is exactly what I just mentioned before. It’s something I wouldn’t go out of my way to cook or even order. I’m not a fan of mango and I think I’ve only tried wild rice once. I saw it on sale and figured I’d try something new. With only 284 calories and 340g i was definelty up for it. 

One thing I will mention is this whole portion size thing. If you’re like me and you don’t measure stuff or you eat whatever, whenever and how much you want, portion size is a big thing. They say these things are portioned control but I guess that comes down to what kind of portions someone is used to eating. Me, I love food. That’s the problem right there. That’s basically why I’m back in the predictiment I am now. Trying to get back on to a small portion routine and lose some of the weight I’ve put on. So of course cause I’m so used to eating snit loads when I’m hungry and being so full this sort of thing is like “wow, I ate that in 3 bites”. Either the portions are small or I just eat too much. And I’m going with the last one. 

As you can see the heated up result doesn’t exactly look like the box. I’m sick of people saying “doesn’t look like how it does on the box”. NO SHIT IT DOESNT!! Next time I hear someone say that I’m gonna say they don’t look like their profile pic. Either way it’s the same shit. I don’t expect something like how it does on boxes or on commercials. Unless it’s something like a burger. How hard is it to be a bit more gental while assembling a frickin cheeseburger or Big Mac? It should be common knowledge by everyone on the planet that cheese don’t belong out of the burger sitting in the box! 

But of course it doesn’t look the same. I also didn’t take the food out the container and put it on a plate to photograph it. And I’m not too sure how this thing was supposed to look like it did on the box when the next instruction on the box was mix it altogether. 

In conclusion: the taste was actually really good. This reminded me more of an apricot chicken rather then a mango. But hey. What the hell do I know? I know my taste buds were thrilled with something new on them. In my own way I feel like I may have just found mango curry. I highly doubt that if I were to make my own or ate some at a restaurant it would taste like this. Surprisingly for a microwaveable meal it was also sauce (not watery) and creamy. The chicken kind of reminded me of the chicken pieces you can pick up in the fridge isle.  The ones mainly for sandwiches and things. Still, not bad. It also had a tiny it of chilli in it. 

I’d definelty recommend it and I plan on having it again. I actually can’t wait.  


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