Why Can’t Life Be Quiet?

My life has been really crazy lately. I’m not sure why things always happen around the same time for me. It’s like the world wants me to have a nervous breakdown. And in all honesty it came close, or maybe it’s still coming.

I’m just looking over my last post over a month ago and it really feels like longer. I literally feel like I’m on some shit roller-coaster. For the last couple weeks I think my catch phrase has been “Why me? I’m an alright person”. I’m honest enough to say I’m not the greatest but I can say with much conviction that I don’t do anything to anyone to warrant the shit luck I’ve been getting and the lack of support from people who are supposed to be the closest to me.

From the beginning of August I’ve had a couple drag shows I went too. That was pretty much at the beginning. Around the middle of August I decided to buy photography lighting and my friend bought a big backdrop because… well, why not? I was thinking of trying out some different style of photography and maybe doing a Vlog here and there to keep this up. I think it would be easier to Vlog then write at times. Plus we wanted to film stuff for fun. Unfortunately, I haven’t been the most fun person as of late.

The day after I bought the photography lighting I came to work and was told I was made redundant. That was great news….. This has been my third redundancy in a row. I guess it’s better than being fired. Especially when you go to your next job interview and they ask you. Technically, I’ve never left a job of my own free will. Except the last one. That was an optional redundancy and I don’t regret taking it. This news wasn’t really a surprise to me as I was already kind of looking for another job anyway but it just meant that it wasn’t on my own time anymore. In saying that, they did give us 5 weeks’ notice. I don’t know why considering no one has done anything for the last 5 weeks. This week is the last week. You know what I’ve done today? Sat on a beanbag, played on my phone and watched Avatar. It’s boring as hell but it’s still money.

All this news was about 2 or 3 weeks from scheduled annual leave which I was wanting to take. I still did. And that was a pretty busy week. Not to mention I also got a notice for a house inspection (I hate those things).

*From the 27th of August I had my friend staying with me.

28th: Concert. Andy Black. Missed most of it cause we were drinking at home and wanted to eat beforehand but we still went.

29th: Cleaned the house for the house inspection.

30th: House inspection and chilled out. My friends birthday as well so I cooked her dinner and got a little cake thing.

31st: Another concert. We went to the Amity Affliction which was great.

1st: Relaxed, packed and booked our trip.

2nd: Flew over to Hobart, went to the Mona.

3rd: Still in Hobart and got sick.

4th: Flew back home.

5th: Didn’t go to work cause I was sick. But I started applying for jobs. My friend went home.

6th: I did actually go to work although it was pretty pointless.

7th: Went to another concert. This time we had meet and greets for Suicide Silence which was amazing.

8th: Unfortunately went to work with a horrible hangover. Can’t remember the last time I did that.

9th: My best friends and I went to watch Bob the Drag Queen from Ru Pauls Drag Race. Did the meet and greet for that. Didn’t get drunk. And my friend stayed over again.

10th: Friend went home but I started feeling like shit.
11th: Started losing my voice and by the night I had a fever and chills.

Which brings me to today. I’m feeling horrible!!! But I’m still at work. Figure I need to get all the money I can grab and it’s not like I’m doing anything. I have a job interview tomorrow which I’m not looking forward too. While everyone is freaking out about applying for jobs here I am applying for my first job last week. I’ve only applied for 3 all up. The third being today. Received 2 calls out of 3 which in my opinion ain’t all the bad. I’m really hoping this cold will get better though because once again I got stuff on this week as well as the interview.

This Friday my work has arranged a dinner so I guess I’ll go to that. I’ve got my friend staying with me again for the weekend. Saturday we’ll probably just chill and then Sunday we’re going to the Melbourne Show. I’ve never been before so it should be interesting.
As you can see I’ve been a little busy. Couple that with a bout of depression, anger and anxiety and you’ve got yourself a party. Maybe I’ll explain that later.

Oh… did I mention my cousin had a kid, the next day my grandpa was in hospital and then the next day I was told that my brother was having a baby? All this was from the 22nd. So a week before my annual. My brother hasn’t told me directly. This was news from my mom (before she stopped talking to me). I haven’t addressed this with him because I would assume that it was early on and once they feel they’re in the clear I’ll be told from the source. But then again, it is my family I’m talking about it. Who knows? Because I haven’t addressed this I’m probably a bitch (wouldn’t surprise me). I just don’t know if I’m supposed to know or not.

All this is giving me a headache again.


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