The Unemployed Life – Day 1

I’ve been here before and currently I’d say I’m doing it alright. I’m currently sitting on the couch watching YouTube (Tyrannicon), a can of Woodstock in a coffee mug (cause I’m classy) eating a square of Lindt (coconut dark chocolate). It hasn’t been like this all day though.

I had an interview today which I was running late for. Ended up having to take an Uber right into the city. Didn’t cost that much but it’s an expense I didn’t want to have to pay for. I got there early enough to get a coffee and chill for a bit. In my opinion the interview went well. I talked  myself up like I was supposed too. Made myself seem over confident despite me second guessing my ability to learn if I did happen to get the job. I’m hoping if I am hired the incentive to earn a shit ton of money would be enough motivation to for me to succeed in it. Sometimes you need that carrot dangling on a stick in front of your face to do good at something. Personally I’ve never had that sort of goal at any job I’ve previously had so this should be interesting.

The interview was to be an hour but only went for about 20 minutes. There really wasn’t that many questions. Either they thought “nope” while I was in there or I prepared myself so  much that I didn’t need to think too long about my answers. They were all standard anyway.

  • Name a time you had an angry customer. What was the situation? What was your action? What was the outcome?
  • Name a time someone in your team wasn’t pulling their weight. What was the situation? What was your action? What was the outcome?
  • Name a time you weren’t meeting your monthly targets. What was the situation? What was your action? What was the outcome?

I was ready for that sort of stuff. I’m still assuming I did okay because the lady kept saying great after every answer.

If I do get this job then I literally have to wait almost a month and a half before starting. That’s kind of killer but I suppose it’s doable. I’ve just got to go through my money and save here and there. In saying that, if I do find out I get the job then I’m planning on congratulating myself with something. Not too sure what but I think I need to say ‘thank you’ to myself.

I was told that I’ll find out Thursday or before if I got the position or not. I’m feeling pretty confident but I’m trying to tone it down a bit and ready myself for any disappointment that may come my way.

Take the other job I had an interview for last Wednesday. Where the hell are they??? I haven’t had a call from them or any missed calls!! And I was real confident in that. I’m not too worried if I didn’t get it though. The pay was as shit as I was getting at my last job and I’m looking for decent money this time around. THE SAVING NEEDS TO START NOW!! Or at least the end of next month when I get told I got the job. It would sure be nice to be in the middle of the city again though. I missed it.

After the interview I went shoe hunting but came up empty handed. I don’t know if I’m picky or if all the shoes are damn ugly. I did find a nice pair of boots I really liked but of course they only had 2 pairs left. One was too small and the other was too big. Just my luck. I puttered around for a bit then decided I would go out for a cocktail jug and just chill for a bit. I finished up with some sushi and then made my way home. Out at 9am and home by 2pm. I liked that. No traffic. No rush hour. I was able to walk around the city at my own leisure. Was pretty good.

I don’t have many plans for the rest of the week. May go out on Thursday for a coffee with an old work friend. Then the weekend starts all over again on Friday. At this rate though every day is feeling like the weekend. I’m trying to work out what I should do to keep myself preoccupied and busy. I always think I’m going to get crafty but it never turns out that way. Maybe this time it will though.

Anyways, my first day wasn’t too bad and in my opinion rather productive. Tomorrow I plan on having that big sleep in I’ve been complaining about wanting while working. I intend on making sure every alarm is off so nothing disrupts me. Plus, the longer I sleep the more money I don’t spend and the less I eat. See, planning for the future.

Never have I read truer words

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