Wake Up Call

I didn’t get that sleep in I wanted. My body clock decided to set the alarms off at 8:30am to a bunch of notifications and texts messages. No sooner had I woke up I got a phone call just before 9am. That’s something that rarely happens. I did pick up the phone though.

On the other line was the HR manager for the interview I had yesterday. I think she could tell right away that I was still in bed. Not to mention my raspy flu voice is rather prevalent first thing in the morning.

She apologized for calling so early but mentioned that she was keen to give me feedback on my interview. For a split second I though “was I that bad that she’s actually excited to tell me I’m shit?”. Of course that wasn’t a realistic thought. It went more along the lines of this:

“You did great in your interview. They loved you!”

Loved me? Me? Clearly they don’t know me very well. I have never been told that people loved me while trying to impress people work related or not. But hey, I ain’t going to argue with that. Now comes the boring waiting bit though. I’ve got to hand over my references which is all done online. Then the bank details, superannuation info, tax file number. And let’s not forget the month and a half of waiting to start this role. BUT!!! I’m in!!! And I guess that’s all that matters.

That really made my morning. I even got out of bed early, cleaned up and made myself a nice healthy breakfast of fruit muesli (I took all the fruit out though), banana and nice glass of juice. I felt really fancy. Now I have to call the guy who does the lawns so he can make me feel house proud as well. Oh, and I even did a little bit of exercising.

Maybe I should go out for dinner tonight?

I’m feeling relieved and it’s such a nice day out I want to do something but unfortunately everyone is employed and working. I suppose I’ll be having celebratory drinks alone tonight.

My life in a month and a half

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