The Unemployed Life – Day 2

I wrote about the job offer which was a good way to start the week. I must admit though that everyday is already starting to merge with the others. It’s becoming difficult to figure out which day is which.

It was rather productive though. I…………… umm… defrosted the freezer. May not sound like much but trust me when I say it needed it desperately. The last time it was defrosted was last year and that’s not counting the time I got really drunk in about March when I had my best friends over and suddenly felt the urge to start hacking at the ice to make room.So, there’s been a small section that has been okay but the rest was horrible. I can now fit some much in it!

I also spent the day eating everything in sight which wasn’t my intention. Because of this I had to go down the street and buy fruit. I will not be spending the month eating shit.

Despite not working I still had a late dinner. I hate those! I made Singapore Noodles. I need to make it a thing to cook more.

My internet was so shit as well. It keeps dropping out so I had to call the company’s Indian tech support which is never any help. After 20 minutes on hold and talking to 3 different people the end result was having someone come out to check it. The internet was so shit last night I couldn’t even use it. I had to watch TV!!! UGH!!

I caught up on all the new Jeremy Kyle.
I caught up on all the new Steve Wilkos.
I spent the rest of the night watching Spongebob.

I tried to look for a new game to download but unfortunately have found nothing that has stuck out at me.

Actually when I go over the day it was pretty lame lol. Wasn’t bad but wasn’t that eventful. I’m honestly just waiting for the weekend. The next couple weekends are full on.



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