The Unemployed Life – Day 3

Once again I got woken up by frickin phone calls!! Why does everyone suddenly feel the need to call me before 9am? I thought there was an unwritten rule about calling people at that hour? This call was to tell me that I didn’t get the job I interviewed for last week which obviously I’m not worried about (bitch! I gotta job!). Basically, this woman wakes me up to tell me that I was shit. The one thing I thought I failed in she said I did great in. Soon as she said that I knew the place was loco. She then told me that the role play I did was shit (obviously not in those words). I knew that! Also the one on one interview I had didn’t go to well………………….. REALLY!!!!!?? That’s a fucking first!!!

One thing I’m good at is talking. I know that!! It’s actually a skill I pride myself on. But apparently in this interview my answers could have been longer. This on top of the fact that I went to this interview with NO VOICE and a full blow cold. I was coughing after every response or I wasn’t even able to get alot out. BUT!!! Whatever.

I felt like just stopping her mid feedback and saying “Yeah whatever, I got a job. Thank you. Bye”. But of course I was half asleep and didn’t think about it till afterwards when I was fully awake and put all the pieces of the convo together. End result: I’m not worried. The job I did “great” at pays waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than the job I missed out on so I feel like I came out winning. After only applying for 3 jobs, having 2 interviews and getting 1, I’d say I came out on top. Still annoyed me a little bit though. For a job that pays so shit they sure ask a lot.

I went back to sleep but got ANOTHER phone call. This number has been calling me twice a day for the last couple weeks. I pick up and no one says anything! It’s annoying. But it woke me up. Then I blocked it.

Then I get a call from the internet technician at about 9:30am. I wasn’t even going to answer the call because I was told he’d be around between 12 – 4pm. Dude was so early. I happened to pick it up and act like I wasn’t laying in bed. That’s basically when I woke up.

He came around and did some bullshit and within an hour was off. My internet has been good since so I gotta hand it to him. I have no idea what he did but it seems like it worked.

I’ve spent the rest of the day posting stuff on WordPress cause I’ve had nothing better to do, watching Maury and playing games. I honestly can’t believe I still have over a month of this.

My friends have been messaging me asking me how my day has been. I don’t have much to update them on. I’ll be seeing them on the weekend anyway. I feel like I’m just sitting here on the couch waiting for people to not work.

Please let me finally sleep in tomorrow.

I guess we’ll find out then.




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