The Unemployed Life – Day 4

Today, this post will not consist of the sentence “I sat on the couch”. Unless I were to describe my current action. Nope, today I did something with my life.

I caught an Uber this morning cause I was running late with the intention of going to the station. I guess the driver realized how short the trip would be and as soon as I got in he said “Where are you going from the station?” I told him the City. He replied with “I’ll drive you in there for $25”. $25 was a saving of about $10-$15 if I took it straight in so I told him to keep going! He didn’t even know where in the city I was going to. I could have made him go to the other end of the damn place. But, I didn’t. Turns out he did do a bit of a dodgy thing which I don’t really care about. He charged me for the ride to the station then I gave him cash for the rest of the way. Smart guy if you ask me. Who am I to judge? I was running late and just wanted to get to where I needed to get too.

I met up with a friend I use to work with. We didn’t work together for very long cause he quit within about 2 months of being at my last job but in the time we did work together we were real tight. Last time I saw him was about a year ago when we caught up so it was very overdue. We talked about all the people we use to work with and I filled him in on how the redundancy went down, who left beforehand and basically the whole situation after he left. Was nice. We had a couple drinks and some food.

Below we have probably the cheapest and filling meal you could buy in Melbourne. We got the Snow White pizza which is just cheese ($5), 3 tapas ($12) – Chili Squid, Beer Battered Chips & Edamame. You can see the jug on the side which is $20. The food was so good for that price.



After my meet up with him I messaged my other friend (I think I can call her my best friend now. Feels weird calling her just a friend when we’re around each other majority of the time and she pretty much has a room in my house). So, we met up at the same place and had another drink and just talked as usual.


I’m pretty sure I saw Bob Ross today walk into the bar. Or maybe his son if he has one. A relative??

That basically was my day. Eating, drinking and catching up with a couple friends. I wish I could do that everyday.

OH!! I almost forget the biggest thing. On my way home I finally booked into get my lips done! So yeah, it’s official. The other half aint to happy about it but that’s okay. Me and the best friend have it booked in for the 8th so look forward to that post lol


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