Dinner – Broken Rice, Soy BBQ Skewers & Prawn Rice Paper Rolls

Here you have probably one of my favorite meals in the world.

Last night the girls and I went to a restaurant called Loving Hut. I don’t get to eat this too often and it’s probably for the best. The reason I tend to gorge myself when I have the opportunity is because I don’t get too. The restaurant is about 40 minutes away from me. My best friend is there almost twice a week though (lucky bitch!!). I get the same thing every time though. If I want to try something different I will usually try from someones plate.

For entree I always have prawn rice paper rolls and soy skewers. ALWAYS!! I have been known for not being adventurous in my eating habits. But I can’t help it. When I like something I really like it! It’s hard for me to try something new which I may not like when I know I can get something I’ll enjoy.





For the main, I get broken rice. Basically, it’s just egg, rice, beef, some shredded carrots and something else which I still don’t know. Naming vegetables isn’t a real strong point in my life. It’s also served with this sauce which is more like a dressing. It’s so good though.

Allie got her usual curried rice which was pretty good. I made a point of trying that.


My friend Adele is always at Loving Hut and is the adventurous one out of us. She always tries something new and this time got the won ton soup. Again, so good.


I personally don’t think this place can make a bad meal although I have been going there for years and know that some of the items have changed slightly. Take for instance my rice paper rolls. It now comes with this onion like sauce thing when before it used to be this green mint sauce that was so good. Even the portion sizes are small. It’s alright though and worth every penny.

Oh, did I mention this was all vegan as well? Adele is vegan so this is basically her go-to when it comes to dining with people who aren’t of her dietary requirements. In saying that, I haven’t heard one meat eater complain. I sure as hell don’t. As I said, this is one of my favorite places to eat and if being vegan meant eating this every day I sure would.

I think we’re going back next week before the gig we are going too. I’m already salivating. Maybe I’ll try something new?

I don’t think so.

I just realized I used the word ‘good’ a lot in this post….


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