DragFest 2016

Last Saturday was DragFest 2016 which me and the two besties went too. It’s Drag Queen event where a selection  from Ru Pauls Drag Race came to perform. We had VIP tickets which meant we got to meet the queens before the show. We’ve been to soooooooooooo many of these things and basically go to every one that comes out. I think I’ve met everyone I’ve wanted to at this stage. BUT!!! We did go to this one and it was… well… really poorly organized. I feel like these events are getting worse. However, I did get to meet my fav queens again.

One who is always great to meet is Detox. Literally so much fun and is always super friendly and very touchy feely. I’ve met her twice already and every time I meet her she always has to touch my ass which is strange considering I don’t have one. Maybe that’s the issue. She’s touching it to see if one even exists.

Detox ❤

Adore is my other favorite. This was my third time meeting her. Again, always so lovely and will have a chat with you. I love watching her perform as well. So much talent and such a great voice.

Best friend crashing the selfie

I also got to meet April Carrión who I’ve never met before. My best friend met her at Dragcon this year and kept telling me how wonderful she was. She wasn’t wrong. I actually couldn’t believe how beautiful and friendly she was in person. I’m starting to think anyone who gives me a compliment though is easily in my good books.

Tammy Brown was another queen there. Again, never met her either. She spent so much time talking to everyone that I was literally waiting 20 minutes. Everyone got to have a picture and something signed however by the time I got up there and because of the amount of people still waiting I either got a pic or I got something signed. I opted for the pic.

I’ve heard a lot about Duo Raw and have also listened to some of their music but I’ll be first to admit, not really my thing. I’m not much into dancey, industrial, club, anything like that which is funny considering I frequent gay bars now more then I do a place that plays metal and lets be real, the only thing that’s played in there IS dance music. I am all for their aesthetic though. ALL FOR IT!! It’s so crazy and insane and knowing they make their own outfits literally blow my mind. Obviously they were there too and very lovely as well. They really make me wish I was Swedish. The talent… my god!

Tammy Brown, April & Duo Raw

After the meet and greets which I’ll also add started almost 30 minutes late and went into over time, everyone did a routine on stage for I think over an hour. Duo Raw really blew my mind though. Had to be my favorite act of the night. Detox’s was soooooooooooooo raunchy it was great. She literally gets everyone involved. Either she’s grinding on someone or just getting into the audience and dancing with people. Really was amazing and made me regret going up in the balcony instead of finding a spot down near the stage.

In conclusion though as I mentioned, this event was sooooooooooo poorly organized. They also over booked the venue. I have no idea how many people the place can fit but I do know there was 700 people there. It was insane. The price of the drinks there literally made me NOT want to drink. It’s actually pathetic. Usually me and my friend would start drinking before getting there to save money but unfortunately we went full ball the night before and it was really hard to pick ourselves up just to leave the house that night.

I’m actually happy that for the next month we have no shows to go to. I feel like every couple weeks there’s been some sort of show on. So far this year we’ve met: Willam, Adore, Bob the Drag Queen, Jinx, Detox, Kim Chi and Naomi, Manila, Michelle Visage, Violet, Sharon Needles and now this. To be honest it’s been so frequent that when we get the pictures for the meet and greets done by the club I haven’t even looked. Bob was a couple weeks ago and I still haven’t seen it. I also feel like there’s more from this year but I can’t even keep up these days.

The next one isn’t till November which will be Thorgy and Tatianna. At least I can rest for a bit.

I’m almost hoping Ru Paul would stop bringing such great Drag Queens to my attention so I can stop giving this club they always hold the events at money.


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