Born To Dare

Being born into this world is a dare all on it’s on.

As a toddler all you do is dare. Pulling things off tables. Pushing things over. Walking on your own. It’s all on a dare. You dare instead of think of consequence.

As a child playing on the play ground you dared with your friends. Who can hang from the monkey bars the longest? Who can stare the longest? Everything was a competition or in fact a dare.

As a teenager you dare to prove yourself to your peers. Daring to make the first move to have that kiss. Daring to go against your parents to show everyone that you want to be taken seriously. Consequences are known but you dare to push the envelope just to see how far you can go.

As an adult you dare to show the world the type of person you wish to be. You dare to show the world the things you have learnt on your journey yet you haven’t learnt enough to prove yourself just yet.

At middle age you dare to show everyone what you have accomplished. You want to show the world that all those daring feats you’ve taken since birth has been in your favor. You’ve made it this far.

At senior age you dare to live and yet you still dare to prove something to the world. You want to prove that your age is just a number. You cans till do everything your twenty year old body did back in the day.

When death is near you either dare to fight or dare to complete lifes cycle.

When it’s time to rest you’re body is filled with dares. From the moment you come to life to the moment it’s time to leave life behind.

Life is daring. 
Being alive is a dare.


via Daily Prompt:Daring


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