Things I Would Like To Do That Would Be “So Not Me”

Lately I’ve been coming around to particular ideas that maybe back in the day I would have thought “that’s not really for me”. Well, maybe I’m getting older. Maybe I’m not as uptight or more interested in trying new things. Or maybe I’m just need a change. Here are some things I wouldn’t mind doing.

Getting my nails done. 

I know this isn’t really a big one but if you’re like me and have NEVER had your nails did.. it’s a bit of a “far out” idea. I have friends who get them done all the time and go on and on and on and on about them. My best friend basically has a nervous breakdown when her nails don’t come out how she wanted, she breaks one, her nail technician isn’t available. The list literally goes on.

For me, I have no nails. I bite them. Whenever I paint my nails it looks like little colorful nubs. It’s ridiculous. I’m kind of associating nice nails with being more of a polished lady. Maybe I’m coming to the age where I want to come across as more put together. I’ve spent so much of my life (all of it) NOT looking like I gave a fuck. Let’s be honest though, I don’t think that would change but at least if I look like I don’t care about what I wear, my face, hair and nails would look good.

It’s hard keeping up with two best friends who are always “What are you going to wear? Are you dressing up?” whenever we have an outing planned. I’m not the dress up type where else they very much are. I go out with a decent looking face and hair and my nubby, non-painted, bitten down and sometimes red from hair-dyed nails. So yeah, maybe this will be a thing I’ll get done. I just don’t know how I’ll pick my nose afterwards. I always imagine my finger going to my brain.

Cosmetic Surgery.

Yeah, maybe this one does come down to age. Do I feel like I particularly need it? Not really. But now days you see people 19 years old running out getting a full body makeover. That’s not necessary but I guess they’ve wanted it. I know many people who have implants. A couple before 20, after 50. I have at least 4 people in my family who have theirs done and I never really understood why. Personally I’ve never needed them. I’ve grown up with big boobs but now I’m kind of looking down and thinking “maybe??”.

With me getting my lips done in a couple days it’s kind of making me think more of doing something a little more drastic. Whenever I have brought this up to people outside of my family though it’s met with very strong opinions which usually ends with “you don’t need it”. Yeah, I guess I don’t AT THE MOMENT but there will come a time where those opinions may not be as heavy. I guess I’ll work on my face first and look at fillers.

This could be me!! (if I were Korean and had surgery)

Getting Really Dressed Up. 

I hate this. But I feel like the time is coming where I’m going to have to get reeeeeeeeeeeally dolled up and pretend I give a shit about looking good from the neck down. Jeans, runners and maybe a new shirt is usually as far as I go. I managed to go from one pair of heels to 3 this year so that’s a step in that direction. I’m not one for shopping for clothes either. The few times I have dressed up I will admit, I liked what I saw. I have a particular look that I like though that still makes me look like “me” but just gets me passed the line of looking fancy. Maybe I’m feeling pressure from the girls to do it more often…. that means clothes shopping though 😥

Attending A Justin Bieber Concert. 

This is something I don’t want to do but part of me is kind of into the idea. Once again the Biebster is coming to town and my best friend is urging us to go. Not really my thing. BUT!!! maaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe it could be enjoyable?? Right?? I’d just have to disregard that screaming moms and preteen girls, lots of kids, screaming… screaming… and more screaming. Actually, I’m not sure about it this one. Plus, I like my money.

This is all I could think about at the moment.

I just need a makeover. We’ll see how I come out after Saturday. It may be the start of something…. beautiful-er???


4 thoughts on “Things I Would Like To Do That Would Be “So Not Me”

    1. I offered to be a finger guinea pig for a friend who is opting to do her own nails. So looks like I will get some. As I said, the nose is a scary thought. May take my brain out. And breaking one! I’m thinking it’s like getting them ripped off one by one.


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