Lip Service

The deed is done! My lips have been “enhanced”. To be honest, I wouldn’t use the word enhanced. It looks more like I got beat in the face. Let me take you through the event.

Allie and I had our appointments booked one after the other. I was so nervous prior to this thing that I had a panic attack in the shower that morning. But we kept giving each other pep talks and high fiving so maybe that helped a little bit. I got invited in with Allie to watch her which worked out cause the same person was doing my lips as well. They gave us some numbing stuff which in all honesty looked disgusting! Seriously looked like someone came on our lips BUT!!! it worked wonders. In no time at all I couldn’t feel anything! And when I mean anything, I mean anything. I wouldn’t stop talking which meant the numbing stuff went into my mouth. First my tongue went numb, then the roof of my mouth. It was pretty damn gross.

Watching Allie helped my anxiety though. The numbing stuff must have worked so much because she barely flinched. I didn’t think I could stomach watching the needle going into her  lips repeatedly but it didn’t even look that bad. I just sat in the corner and secretly took pics of her.

Before I had my turn the consultant sat us down as took pics of our lips and asked what we expected. My lips are already a little full so I just wanted them to be a bit plumper. I used the example of lip lining. I always line my lips and when I take it off I feel sad my lips don’t look like that lol. Then the consultant made us talk to this nurse person through a Skype call just to verifying us. That was basically it.

My time came up. I jumped in the chair and away we went. Allie was too distracted with her own lips to pay attention to me. I didn’t even feel the needle go in. It was fine! Although I was told that I am a bleeder and bled quite a bit. Once the lady got to the cupids bow of my lips though, that’s something I really felt. Made my eye water. Apparently around that area Allie watched the lady put the needle in and as soon as she did that my lip went purple.

The whole thing took about 15 minutes. The worst part was when the lady massaged the lips. Didn’t help I bruised up like crazy right away. That sucked. We got given some ice to put on us and was booked in for a follow up appointment and it was all done.

It really wasn’t as bad as we thought it was going to be. I was actually really surprised. And now that we’ve done this, looks like it’s another thing in the ‘upkeep’ jar. Another yearly expense. I sometimes wonder why I do this to myself.


Right afterwards. Bruise starting to form





Day 3 (today)


May look like it hurts but it really doesn’t. 

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