Thanks For The Holidays

First day back at work following the New Year. I didn’t exactly have a Christmas break. I only got the main public holidays off. Hell, I even worked Xmas eve. I only started this job on the 31st of October so I can’t argue any shifts. Even if I could though I don’t think I would. Money is too good and I need all I can get.

I had my first one on one meeting today just going over my progress and apparently I’m doing really well. I’ve never worked in a sales position and my hesitation and doubt seems to be coming through. The people I work with are really good and it’s inbound sales. I get a base pay and incentives as well. I’m happy with just the base wage but of course have to work towards something.

Much to my surprise though I’m doing good even though I feel like I’m fucking everything up. I guess that helped me calm down a little.

I’d say the highlight of my day though was buying a day planner. I officially have a 2017 diary. Don’t know why cause I know I’ll stop using it by March but I need to start the year off right.

Secretly I also started another diet. ANOTHER DIET. Not really. Just watched what I ate today.

Tomorrow I have a big day. Work of course but at 8:30pm I have an appointment. A very long, many years overdue appointment with the police. I’m feeling a little nervous. It’s going to be bringing up a bit of stuff from my childhood. But, I’m needed and my mom keeps telling me that it will make me  feel better in the long run. I’ll be sure to post something tomorrow.



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