Going To Try This Out

Summary of the day:

  • Was on the train heading to work when I panicked and had to run home and check the house.
  • Was 45 minutes late for work.
  • Had to work back 45 minutes.
  • Work sucked.
  • Got told I need to quit smoking.

I came home from work today and the other half surprised me with a Vape. So looks like I’m trading in cigarettes to use this embarrassing but apparently rather beneficial thing.

It’s cool though. It changes colors so that’s rather neat.

He also surprised me with Vanilla Almond Milk for some juice. I got to admit. It’s amazing. Tastes like ice cream. Or like a McDonald’s thickshake but with a slight nutty thing to it. It’s so damn good I can’t get over it.

And check out that bottle. The cow spots are adorable!


But yeah. My day was boring.

I tried calling the police cause I’ve been avoiding calls and messages. Turns out when I call the phone is off. That’s cool though.


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