After Work Beach Outing

This week I’ve been starting work at 7:15am. It’s been a little bit of a struggle especially with transport (seeing as I don’t drive). I’ve been having to take an Uber into the city for the last two days. On the upside I leave work at 3:15pm which basically gives me the whole day to do whatever.

Today we had a 38 degree day. So I kind of wanted to do something. I got the idea to take the boys to the beach. I only live about a 5 minute drive from it and never utilize this luxury. Plus, I felt the boys would enjoy it especially today. So, after work I went to the pet store and got a good retractable leash for Vader. One that would actually handle his weight. It’s safe to say he loved the freedom of running around even if it was hot. But don’t worry, we only took the boys out once it got a little cooler.

Vader isn’t too good with other dogs and the beach area we go to is an off lead dog park. So we had to make sure we found a place where no other dogs were. Wasn’t too hard which was good.

The dogs were basically puffed out and panting like crazy before we even got the beach and barely wanted to walk. So it surprised me to see their reaction as soon as they saw water. Vader got right in there and stood confused for a second where else the usually lazy Ollie jumped right in up to his chest and started playing around. It was adorable.

So here I some photos from today:

A couple of happy boys

Vader learned somethign new today. He learned how to roll. And roll he did. All day. Even at home. Once he got to the beach though he took it to a whole new level. As seen below.

Where’s Vader?

Vader also learned that he wasn’t afraid to get his head under water. He saw some little fish swimming around and felt the need to try to catch them with his mouth. To be honest, that was very surprising considering he hates water.

Trying to be a fisherdog

When Ollie wasn’t running around in the water he was sitting like a gentleman enjoying the breeze and sights.

My model
Starting to get a little worn out.

So that was my evening. One of the better evening I’ve had recently. Was nice to get out and take pics while spending some time with my boys. I’m glad they had a good time especially since we all hate heat and water. Seems we still all had a good time.


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