The Waiting Game

Legit feel like time is running out to get shit done over here.

Yesterday I took it upon myself to call the real estate and ask them how things are processed once you apply for a property (in my case 4 houses through the same agent). I had to send through 3 months of bank statements, 3 pay slips, 100 points of ID so now it’s a waiting game. She told me once she receives them and all the supporting documents are there, she’ll bring it up to the landlord and I’d hear back within 2 days.

Unfortunately, with the Easter period coming up shit is drawn out and yet time is going by real quick and it means there’s less time to get everything done.

I’m stressing. Especially since I want to be out by the 28th….

I just looked at a calendar and it’s 3 weeks away on Friday… okay, I feel little bit better now. Sometimes you just need to put things into perspective.

Next issue for yesterday was my appointment. After working from 10-6:30pm, leaving and getting to my home train station at 7:30 I was picked up straight from the station and driven to the police station for my meeting at 8pm. It was pretty horrible to say the least. Having to relive shit again and give a statement even though I did a couple months back.

I was there for 2 hours and was completely exhausted by the time I got home at about 10:30pm. Then of course I had to call my mom and tell her about what happened. I was the last one to give my statement in this whole overdue process. This should have been done before. A long time ago. And now that I said what I said…. it’s another waiting game.

I feel like I’m waiting on so much and all of it has a deadline of the end of the month.

So take my mind of everything I SHOULD be doing, I may be going on a little road trip on the weekend with a couple friends. With the long weekend coming up I may as well do something.



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